Clock Screen Saver

Clock Screen Saver 1.65

Clock Screen Saver brings different clocks to your screen

Do you like digital clocks? Or do you prefer the classic analog clock?
Clock Screen Saver brings different clocks to your screen.

This unique screen saver will display the correct time in different formats. If you like classic analog clocks with hands, there is a beautiful one with the classic green colors.

If you prefer a digital clock, it will display the well-known characters formed by a 7-segment display.

And still more. If you like the digital number format but think that the clock view is not what you want, you can opt for a digital text display.

All the clocks include many configurable options so you can set them to your liking. You can set different colors for every number or hand. You can select 24 or 12-hour mode. And you can also set the clock so that it changes its position at random.

Clock Screen Saver will allow you to add very nice glow effects that will add a nice touch to your screen. And in case you want even more, this innovative screen saver will play real clock sounds every second, minute or hour. It includes some samples for these sounds, but it will also allow you to use your own.

We are sure that this screen saver will attract the attention of family and colleagues as well.

Fernando Soni
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  • Different kinds of clocks


  • Dull green
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